Get the experience you should expect from the mobile devices in your classroom

TapTeach allows educators to deploy and manage the tablet, phone or Chromebook experience in their classroom

Define the boundries and content for your experience

Assign the lessons and activites your have created to the TapTeach beacons

Engage the right device at the right time

As students, or even parents, enter a TapTeach boundry the message is delivered instantly

Connect to your students like never before.

How does TapTeach provide a measurable ROI on your schools mobile devices?

Managed deployment

Easily deploys mobile devices to the classrooms of 3.6 million K-12 educators in America with minimal training.

Targeted engagement

Provides educators the ability to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right device.


Beacons drive content to mobile devices through proximity. No more fumbling through cumbersome URLs.

On-demand content

Control what students engage with by selecting from a range of pre-existing, common core approved experiences.

Change the way you and your students experience with technology in the classroom.

Why TapTeach?

TapTeach drives real-time engagement in the classroom using the devices that are already there in a new and exciting way, changing the landscape of the classroom forever. For the cost of just one additional student a district can begin exploring this exciting new way to learn now.

Where do educators start

Even with devices in hand, where do educators start when over 110,000 educational apps greet them in the App Store alone?

Haunted by the past

Limited IT resources and an industry still spending upwards of 7 billion dollars a year on text books.

Deploy & hope

Blame is falling on the technology for the complete lack of a deployment plan. Devices gather dust without proper support.