The engagement you should expect from the mobile devices entering your institution

The TapTeach framework allows a classroom, museum or zoo to enhance their educational content by engaging the phone, iPad & Chromebook of students & guest

Assign content you trust

Define the boundaries and content for your experience

Have a favorite app or existing materials, assign them to your TapTeach beacons

iPads Chromebooks and mobile phones

Engage the right mobile device at the right time

As students, parents or guest enter a TapTeach boundary the content is delivered by notification

TapTeach is an advocate for engagement of existing apps and educational content

TapTeach provides a measurable ROI for the mobile devices entering your classroom experiences

Easily manages mobile device

Managed deployment

Easily manages mobile device interactions using the iPad, Chromebook and content providers you trust to any classroom or educational environment

Targeted engagement

Engagement Analytics

Capture how students and guest are using the experiences, unlock unique DNA with social opt-in and uncover foot traffic patterns within the building.

No more fumbling through cumbersome URLs


Beacons drive content to mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, through proximity. No more fumbling and relaying cumbersome URLs.

Use existing lesson plans, website URLs or favorite apps

On-demand content

Control what students, parents and guest engage with by assigning your existing materials, website URLs or favorite apps.

TapTeach engages every student & guest
within these classrooms

Blue Valley CAPS
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Museum at PrairieFire
Steam Studio

Why TapTeach is there to help

TapTeach encourages engagement using the mobile devices and content experiences already deployed in a new and exciting way, changing the landscape of educational experiences forever.

No rework of exisiting content

TapTeach is not another content creator that requires educators to translate or migrate their existing content. Simply point to exiting materials or online content.

Support existing experiences

TapTeach is not another piece of technology that is competing for screen time. TapTeach is an advocate for engagement of existing phone, iPad & Chromebook devices, apps and content providers.

Worry-free engagement

TapTeach is not a replacement for student & educator interaction. TapTeach can’t be a replacement for the experience of the educator, but it can allow educators to focus on what they do best.