Technology alone isn't the answer

iPhones, iPads, isn't the technology, it's how we engage that makes the difference.

TapTeach encourages engagement using the mobile devices already in the hands of your students or guest and content experiences already deployed in a new and exciting way, changing the landscape of educational experiences forever.

The Team

Adam Jones Co-founder

Adam Jones

CEO | Co-founder

John Heryer Co-founder

John Heryer

CTO | Co-founder

Marty Long Co-founder

Marty Long

COO | Co-founder

Ian Cahill

Ian Cahill

Client Engagement

Tyler Hillsman

Tyler Hillsman

iOS Lead

Kansas City made, the TapTeach namesake was first seen in action when we produced TapTeach Baseball, an educational iPad app to teach children the foundations of baseball. TapTeach Baseball would go on to be featured and highlighted by Apple during 2011-2013. In 2013, TapTeach became a Kansas City Digital Sandbox applicant with the primary focus to drive advocacy for technology in the classroom while assembling a consortium of educators and technologist that seek to better engage students. During the first year TapTeach developed apps with topics ranging from dental hygiene, food allergies, hemophilia and sport education.

Our team has been together and responsible for the design and development of over 90 clients’ iOS and Android apps over the last 6 years. Publishing of nearly 200 apps for RareWire, acquired by DSI in 2015 and a global leading digital agency headquartered in Kansas City.

Frustrated with the direction of technology in the classroom, we have aimed to not only provide educational content, but empower educators with the confidence to guide students with the use of on-demand beacon technology.

TapTeach engages every student & guest
within these classrooms

Blue Valley CAPS
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Museum at PrairieFire
Steam Studio

Have questions about our mission or platform? Reach out, we love sharing.