Assign, Place & Engage!

Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right mobile device.

Museum, Zoo or Art engagement

Enhance your museum & zoo experiences

A unique & branded concierge experience for guest as they explore your institution

Classroom iPads Chromebooks and mobile phones

Built for the 1:1 connected classroom & university

Goodbye helicopter-educator! Change the way that you interact with students & parents

Be unique! TapTeach is more than just a rinse & repeat template experience

TapTeach's unique framework allows you to leverage our app, build a branded experience from the ground up or drop TapTeach into your existing native app.

Easily manages mobile device

Managed deployment

Easily manages mobile device interactions using the iPad, Chromebook and content providers you trust to any educational environment

Targeted engagement

Engagement Analytics

Capture how students and guest are using the experiences, unlock unique DNA with social opt-in and uncover foot traffic patterns within the building.

No more fumbling through cumbersome URLs


Beacons drive content to mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, through proximity. No more fumbling and relaying cumbersome URLs.

Use existing lesson plans, website URLs or favorite apps

On-demand content

Control what students, parents and guest engage with by assigning your existing materials, website URLs or favorite apps.

Safe and Secure


Like an AM/FM radio, the TapTeach beacon only broadcast a request to the phone, iPad or Chromebook to perform an action. No user information is received or saved to the beacons.

No need for student, parent or guest signin

Built-in anonymity

Lessons are delivered to the iPad, Chromebook or other mobile device, not the student or guest. Once the mobile device is out of range of the beacon, the lesson is no longer available.

Extend engagement into the home

Parents too!

With TapTeach, there’s no need to send home papers and folders every night. Teachers update information in the TapTeach portal and parents may review it at home.

Not another app competing for screen time


Micro-managing devices not required. TapTeach beacons are always on; always ready to deliver engaging content to students, parents or guest.

TapTeach is an advocate for engagement of existing mobile devices, apps and content providers.